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Our Canines

These canines are meant to be a help, and not be a hindrance to the Veteran, so we strive to train them in a large array of activities and environments. The canines are then certified through our program  to meet all our public access testing along with any and all state and local requirements to ensure the canine can  accompany their handler everywhere the veteran needs the canine to be.

Most of our canines are obtained from animal shelters and rescues from puppy to a year old. We mostly train working class dogs and mixes such as Labradors, German Shepherd and Bully breeds. Not only are we helping a Veteran, but also to a dog in need of a home.

If a dog is placed through our program (versus entering the program with your own dog), all expenses including shelter, food, veterinary care, identification, training aids, supplies....and of course love and attention are provided.

Our Volunteers

We started our 501c3 program to help Veterans in our community who have found it difficult to find a reputable service dog organization which will keep them local with their families, and also keep the dogs at an affordable cost of FREE. These seem to have been some main deterrents to veterans seeking service dogs. Believing our Veterans have sacrificed so much, we wanted to do our part, by providing our time and energy to raise and train canines at no charge to them.

Our volunteers are not paid and are mostly made of Veterans themselves. They help with training, fostering, transportation, fundraising, events, donations etc.

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Veteran Service Canines Inc.
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