Ever since I got out of the military I’ve been struggling trying to fit in. I just feel like I don’t belong anywhere and I don’t have a purpose anymore.


This past summer my demons got real close and I contemplated taking my own life. As a last ditch effort I reached out to Veteran Service Canines to help me find my purpose again.


The day I met Clyde I felt what it was to be alive again I was still scared because I don’t want to fail this pup he is my responsibility now. As the days pass by I felt the warmth in my heart again. I see that Clyde is slowly changing me for the better. I’m able to go out to social functions and now I feel somewhat normal again.


There are times where Clyde test my patience and I have to remember that he doesn’t know any better. I am his caregiver and then return he’s my lifeline. I do still run into some people who don’t understand what it means to have a service dog. They look at me and say "why do you need a service dog you’re not missing any limbs", or  "you can see why do you need one". When I hear this every ounce of me wants to scream and shout and yell at them, but then I remember they don’t know what it’s like to be overseas in a foreign country where nobody likes you there. Not knowing who is trying to kill you for just being there.  I don’t publicize that I have PTSD and terrible anxiety. It’s to the point where I feel like I’m always watching around me and I’m always on high alert. Sometimes I just lie to them and tell them that I’m training him for a veteran that needs him.


I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to have met Clyde and to have him in my life you’ve genuinely save my life.


Colt was added to your life on 3/10/18. How has your life changed?

Yes he was, and my life changed for the better that very instant! Not only do I see it and feel it, but my friends and family do as well! I couldn't imagine my life without him!


You were matched with Duke 11/22/17. Can you name anything that has drastically changed since getting Duke?

Being able to go to public places by myself with Duke and not rushing to leave right away.


You and Luke were paired 11/01/17. Has Luke helped you with anything?

"When I go back in time, he senses my feelings and he helps to calm me with this, he is constantly by my side or under my chair"